Outdoor Porcelain – Step-by-Step Installation Videos

Our suppliers of Outdoor Porcelain have put together some incredibly detailed installation videos. Each video shows what products are needed to complete the job, while also meticulously showing a ‘step-by-step how-to’ install the products.

Anyone confident with D-I-Y, who also has a working internet connection could complete the job the aid of these videos. Have a browse of the videos for yourself at how easy (with the help of the videos) it would be to Do It Yourself.

There are four different videos – for the four different installation situations.

-          Adhesive:

-          Pedestals / Plots:

-          Grass:

-          Gravel / Pebbles:

It is worth remembering some of the advantages of this amazing range of products:

- Specifically created for outdoor use.

- Superior anti-slip properties which makes it ideal for high-traffic commercial and residential areas.

-Suitable for interior use.

- Non-porous and chemical resistant.

- Mould, moss and road-salt resistant.

- All slabs are calibrated which makes it very easy to install.

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Recommended Landscaper – Zoom Gardens

Recommended Landscaper

Our natural stone is transformed into fantastic patios, driveways, pavements and a multitude of other forms by landscapers all over Ireland.

One of these fantastic landscaping companies is Zoom Gardens -

Gary Hanaphy (pictured below) is the man behind Zoom Gardens.  The winner of 3 Medals (two of which were coveted gold medals as well as a best in category award) from the pre-eminent garden show in Ireland, Bloom Festival. The Zoom Gardens team can transform a humble garden space to a wondrously designed show garden filled with stunning features and floral arrangements.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.02.10

Some of the fine work completed by the multi-winning landscaper can be seen in the gallery below.

Operating in the Greater Dublin area Zoom Gardens offer an abundance of garden services, including:

- Design (with 3D preview), ponds,  water features, patios, driveways, stonework, cladding, fencing, pergolas and even artificial grass.

To view more of their services have a browse on their website :

Zoom Gardens have numerous display centres, where you can you can stop by, choose materials, be inspired and enjoy their amazing display gardens. Locations : Sandymount, Blackrock and Dun Laoghaire, directions can be found here.

When choosing a landscaper for your project be sure to check out the thoroughly recommended, Zoom Gardens.