Conditions of Sale a business owned by registered company Deeward Limited, trading as Stone Merchant.

Company Registration Number: 305205

The company may revise the Terms and Conditions of at any time and may be changed without prior notification.

Online Trade Customer accounts can be set-up. These accounts are at the discretion of Stone Merchant managment.

The ‘goods’ are products on sale from Stone Merchant.

The ‘customer’ is the buyer of the products from Stone Merchant. 

Transactions and Supply of Products.

All orders to Stone Merchant are subject to stock availability. If for any reason we are unable to supply an order to a customer we will notify that customer as soon as possible. Following that we will offer a replacement product or a full refund.

Before an order is processed we require the goods to be paid for in full by credit/debit card.

Delivered or collected products from Stone Merchant from the moment of delivery or collection are the responsibility of the customer. The company will not be liable to loss, damage and decay from this point.

Any complaints to the Company must be received in writing within 14 days. If following a complaint to the company and the goods are to be returned the Company must receive the return within an acceptable time.

A full refund will then be given to the customer. Return delivery will be at the cost of the customer if the goods are in a satisfactory condition.

Stone Merchant has made our terms of sale clear to our customers. All sizes quoted on our website are approximate.

Photographs of our products are representations and as such, may not exactly replicate the product you receive. Variations in stone products may occur.

The prices quoted on our website are set by the Company and will the price at which the product will be processed. 


Goods will not be dispatched for delivery without full payment.

We strive to deliver products on the date agreed, however if delivery time is not at the arranged time, no liability for delay falls on Stone Merchant.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is competent roads and clear access to the specified delivery point at which products can be dropped off safely.

Stone Merchant does not accept any responsibility for damaged property in the execution of delivery.

If our delivery agents or our company drivers cannot complete delivery for access reasons additional costs may be occurred.

Arranged delivery dates are not guaranteed. Due to unforeseen circumstances hauliers and couriers at times cannot complete delivery at the specified date.  The failure to deliver on the arranged date does not account a breakage in the contract between the buyer and seller and there is no entitlement to damages or compensation.

Responsibility falls on the customer to ensure that delivery to a specified point is clear for the goods to be delivered. The customer must inform Stone Merchant prior to delivery about access issues that may arise.

A Tail-lift vehicle usually undertakes delivery, these vehicles need a considerable amount of space to park and then use its components to drop the goods.

Please be aware that areas with limited parking space and tight areas may cause issues with these vehicles. From any prior communication about delivery issues that are flagged by customers, we will reply by email to that customer with an outcome or resolution.

Pallet truck may be used to extricate the goods from the truck to the kerbisde. The road needs to be level and solid for the truck to execute this procedure.

It will be at the driver’s discretion to ascertain whether the area is safe for goods to be delivered using this method or similar.

The customer or a dedicated representative of the customer must be at the point of delivery. (Unless it has been arranged otherwise in advance)

Stone Merchant solely reserves the right as to whether a delivery can be completed in installments. Delivery in installments constitutes a different separate contract. The fulfillment or non-fulfillment of these separate contracts shall not affect other contracts between seller and buyer.


All cancellations must be through our office between 8.30am and 5.30pm by telephone on 00+3531 458 9100

Goods can only be returned by prior arrangement and credit is at the discretion of the seller only.

Goods being returned to Stone Merchant must be done within 7 days of the order delivered to the customer.

If an order is cancelled while the order has been dispatched will incur a return delivery fee.

When a delivery is unable to be completed on the arranged delivery date due to issues arising with access or other unforeseen reasons, we will attempt re-delivery for the following day or another date at a reduced charge of €20 per pallet.

Please at any stage do not hesitate to call us on 00+3531 458 9100 for any further queries.

Amending orders

All amendments must be made prior to order dispatch. Please note that dispatch may be up to 2 days prior to arranged delivery date.

Stone Merchant reserves the right to cancel any order that is placed. If this occurs a refund will be given to the customer as soon as possible. An email correspondence will confirm any cancellation; this correspondence will take place through the email address that was given when placing the order.

Stone Merchant’s premises

Responsibility for insurance and security of purchases will fall on the customer.

The customer must adhere to health and Safety legislation when on the premises.

Deliveries will be made to kerbside and it will then be the customer’s task to move the goods to its place it is required.

Stone Merchant accepts no responsibility for any damages or injuries to persons or equipment while on the premises.

Working Hours

Office staff work from Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

From Monday to Friday the hours open are 8.30am to 5.00pm

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